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About Us - Info & Policies

Thank you for visiting the shop home of Fibernymph Dye Works, where we are passionate about color and creativity. We strive to create top quality, hand-dyed products so that you can enjoy creating your projects as much as we enjoy creating the yarn and fiber you use to make them.

Our Yarn and Fibers

We source our base yarns and fibers from a variety of sources. You will find all of the details about each one within the individual product listings.

All of our self-striping and gradient-dyed products feature hand-wound patterns that are then hand-dyed in small batches and finally reskeined by hand as well. Through every step of the process, we are committed to a hands-on approach.

Recommended Care

Currently, all of the yarn bases we carry are superwash. This means that, technically, they can be machine washed and dried. However, for the best care of any hand-dyed products, it is recommended that you hand wash in cool water using a gentle wool wash, gently squeeze or press out excess water, and then allow to air dry flat. If, however, you choose to machine wash, please do so in cool water and dry on delicate/very low heat.

In contrast, almost all of our spinning fibers are NOT superwash. These fibers must be hand washed in cool water and air dried, otherwise they will felt. On the rare occasions that we offer superwash fiber, that will be noted in the listing and appropriate care instructions will be included.

Please note that all of our products are dyed with professional grade acid dyes and are heat set to achieve colorfastness, and then fully rinsed in cool, additive-free water. That said, on occasion, you may find a bit of color in your water when you first soak an item. This is not evidence of the color "bleeding" or the dye not being set, but it is residual dye that may be released through the process of working with the yarn or fiber, or through a reaction to certain types of water or additives used in the soaking process. This is not a common occurrence, but it will be more likely to happen with very bright or deep vivid colors, and more likely in fiber than with yarn. It generally dissipates after the first time or two an item has been washed.

Shop Policies


We strive to make our shop listings as descriptively detailed as possible and our photos are as color accurate as we can get them. (Note that colors may vary on different monitors, and therefore color preference of a received item is not acceptable grounds for refund, exchange, or credit.)

If you ever have a question about a listed item - either description or image - or you think there is an error in a listing (it happens!), please do email us with an inquiry at PRIOR to placing your order.

Shipping: We ship in-stock items within three business days of the time they are ordered. If an in-stock item is ordered along with a pre-order item, all items will be held until the pre-order item is ready to ship. Pre-orders and special order items will ship in 4-6 weeks from time of ordering, unless otherwise noted in the listing.

Refunds/Exchanges: All sales are considered final. However, if you receive an item that you are unhappy with, or that you have a problem with as you work with it, please contact us at, and we will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue with either an exchange or a shop credit.

Please DO NOT mail purchased items back to us without contacting us by email first, or a 25% restocking fee may be deducted from any shop credit offered.

Note that any items returned for exchange or shop credit must be returned in original, re-sellable condition and must be pet hair free and smoke/odor free. Items sent back in any other condition will not receive a full value exchange or credit.