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That's Not Even a Word! Self-Striping (5)


One of three new colorways in our Game Night series, our Scrabble-inspired colorway: That's Not Even a Word!

If you're a word game lover, chances are that Scrabble is at the top of your list. And at some point in the game, it's inevitable that someone will try to play a word that justly deserves to be challenged. (Confession: I once tried to play the word "batdoor," defending it as how Batman gets into his Batcar. Seemed legit.)

The five stripes in this colorway are dark and light pink (for the triple and double word score blocks); dark and light blue (for the triple and double letter score blocks); and a light brown for the color of the wooden tiles. The third picture is a representation of how this colorway may stripe in an adult sock-sized garment.

Shown on Bounce, we are currently offering this colorway on the following bases:

Bounce, fingering, 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon, 400 yards
Bedazzled, fingering, 75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon, Stellina, 436 yards
Traveler, sport, 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon, 328 yards

Note: Due to the process required to produce this striping pattern, with multiple colors dyed in close proximity, occasional color bleeds between neighboring colors may be present. This is a naturally occurring element of this colorway and not a defect, unless we find that it has occurred more than what we consider acceptable, then it will be discounted and marked as such.

Recommended care: Though this is a superwash wool and can be machine washed, we recommend hand washing in cool water and then air dry flat.

All of our yarns and fibers are individually hand-dyed using professional grade acid dyes. Colorway names are consistent between yarns/fibers dyed with the same dye colors, however color strengths can (and likely will) vary between skeins and between different bases.

We make every effort to assure the colors in our photos are as accurate as possible, but please note that colors can vary from monitor to monitor.

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